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India Economic Conclave 2022

Through its 7 editions, Times Network India Economic Conclave has brought into national discourse the most pertinent matters, which have often become the clarion call of the nation’s policymakers. And this year, the spotlight was on The Great Indian Democratic Dividend.

With our Constitution at the core, India remains a stable, functional, time-tested and structured democracy with a significantly young & educated population that drives growth, both for domestic drivers of the economy and international investors. The evolution of the World's Largest Democracy into the World's Most Promising Democracy is thus imminent, and it is this roadmap that was discussed at #IEC2022 exploring how the Great Indian Democratic Dividend paves the way.


India Economic Conclave (IEC) is a landmark forum by India’s Most Influential Media Network – the Times Network. Over the last 7 years, IEC has championed the most pertinent economic agenda of the nation. Thinkers, policymakers, economists, business leaders and global influencers assemble under one roof to discuss the roadmap to transform India’s economic Aspirations to Action.

Hosted by leading editorial voices of Times Network, featuring the most authoritative experts and attended by distinguished guests, the Conclave mines actionable insights with sharp focus on bolstering the world’s 5th largest economy. IEC grows each year with renewed commitment towards inspiring the critical conversations that drive positive action, championing the dreams and aspirations of over a billion Indians.





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